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1. Tickets must be purchased when entering the scenic spot, one person one ticket. The tickets are valid on the same day. Please keep the tickets for inspection.
2. It is forbidden to climb flowers, plants and trees and trample on the lawn.
3. No littering or spitting.
IV. take good care of the resources and tourism facilities in the scenic spot, and do not carve, scratch, scribble or scribble.
V. pay attention to the safety warning signs and staff's reminders. Do not cross the protective railings or climb the mountain.
6. Take good care of the elderly and children in the scenic area to avoid accidents.
7. No fireworks when entering the scenic area.
VIII. There are relevant preferential regulations for active servicemen, the elderly and students. Please refer to the information board of the ticket office for details.
9. Please show the relevant vouchers for the purchase of preferential tickets, and show the vouchers at the same time when checking in.
10. When visiting, please observe the order, do not make a fuss, and be careful when going up and down the steps.
Xi. Take good care of your belongings.
12. Pay attention to the signs of the scenic spot and do not visit remote and dangerous areas.
XIII. In case of emergency, please do not panic and obey the command of the staff.
XIV. If you have any problem, please call the customer service center for complaint or go to the scenic area office for complaint.
15. If you need help, please call the customer service center or ask for help from the staff nearby.

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