Fossil wood dinosaur fossil
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        At the end of 2004, a villager accidentally found eight wood fossils of different lengths under the surface of a quarry in masangyan, a town not far from qijiangcheng district. The trunk and branches of these wood fossils are well preserved with clear texture and rings. According to the investigation of experts, there are an amazing number of wood fossils buried in the whole mountain where the masang rock is located. The geological age of these wood fossils has exceeded 140 million years. At present, there are 29 large and small wooden stones, and more than 60 branches and fragments of wood fossils. One of them has a visible length of more than 22.5 meters, and all of them may become the world's largest in the length of fossil wood. The silicification and calcification of Qijiang wood fossils coexist, the lignified stone is attached to bark coal, silicification and calcification coexist with bark coal, which shows the uniqueness of the origin of wood fossils and the rarity of their combination. Moreover, the wood fossils are well preserved and have a huge scale, which is rare in China. In the whole country, there are only four areas with large-scale fossils. One in Yanqing, Beijing, one in Qitai, Xinjiang, one in Xinchang, Zhejiang, and one in Qijiang, Chongqing.


        The diameter of the wood fossils here is generally 50-60cm, and the diameter of the larger one can reach about 100cm. The lignified stone has not been completely exposed, and the longest exposed part of the tree is more than 25m, but there is still no part of the treetops and roots. The shape of the bark of the fossil wood is clear, all of which are affected by Ferritization, showing brown yellow, and the internal color is dark gray black black, mainly black. It is hard and dense with large specific gravity. Wood fossils are ancient trees buried in the ground. The wood part of trees is replaced by minerals such as silica and calcium carbonate in the bottom layer to form fossils. Wood fossils preserve the wood structure and texture of trees, which is an important basis for the study of ancient plant community, paleogeographic environment and paleoclimate.

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