Cuipingshan park is located at the junction of the eastern new city and the main urban area of Qijiang City, with a planning area of about 1.26km2. The park is close to the Qijiang station of Chongqing Guizhou high speed railway under construction and only 1km away from the interface between Chongqing third ring expressway and Chongqing Guizhou expressway. Cuipingshan group of lignified rocks was born in the Jurassic period 150 million years ago, integrating silicification, carbonization and bark coalification. Because of the sudden and violent geological changes, the trees are deeply buried in the ground and formed under extremely harsh geological conditions. They are rare and unique in the world. At present, it is the largest and most complete group of wooded rocks in Southwest China, witnessing hundreds of millions of years of geological changes and species evolution, which is rare in the world.

1、The group of lignified rocks is complete and of unique type

More than 60 wood fossils have been found in the quarry of about 300 × 200 ㎡, with a maximum diameter of about 1 meter and a maximum visible length of 22 meters. There are three fossil distribution points in this area, and experts speculate that there are still a large number of wood fossils in this area.

The wood fossils are produced in the primary strata, distributed intensively, abundant in number, large in form, well preserved, coexisting with silicification, calcification and bark coalification, with pyritization locally, unique in genetic type and strong in ornamental value.

2、Hills and landscapes

The topography of Cuiping mountain park is in the shape of "Sichuan", which is characterized by typical hills and valleys. The altitude is between 300-450 meters. The top of masangyan mountain is the highest point in the city. You can have a panoramic view of the main city and the new city. The park has malanqu reservoir, Songlinpo pond, as well as a number of fish ponds and farmland slope forest and other natural ecological landscapes.

Malanqu reservoir is located in the middle of cuipingshan Park, with a surface length of 250m, a width of 50-80m, an average water depth of 8-9m, a maximum water depth of 18m, and a water storage capacity of 130000m3. It is a good place for summer recreation. There are several fish ponds in the downstream of the reservoir, with abundant water resources and a good ecological environment.

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